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Women in Needs Foundation Man of the Year

Dr. Mike Golpa Creates Winning Smiles for Women in Need

Mike Golpa, D.D.S.
Smile Designs by Golpa
Dr. Mike Golpa, "Man of the Year"
Dr. Mike Golpa accepts his award
Dr. Golpa with Tammi Drey

The Mrs. Globe and Ms. U.S. Globe pageant looks for beautiful women from around the world while the charity they support, the W.I.N. (Women In Need) Foundation, looks for the beauty in every woman.

So it only makes sense that W.I.N., a non-profit organization helping women make the break from emotionally or physically abusive relationships and attitudes, named Dr. Mike Golpa their 2006 “Man of the Year” July 21 during the Mrs. Globe/Ms. U.S. Globe pageant in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Golpa, a dental aesthetics specialist in Las Vegas, took 2006 to amplify the message of W.I.N. ( by donating 12 smile makeovers to women who completed the foundation’s 20-week emotional recovery program. These women found the courage to forever change the way they see themselves and Golpa offered them a permanent, daily reminder that the metamorphosis was real – an incredible, celebrity-worthy smiles.

“It changes the way you feel about yourself, deep down inside, which makes you a better person,” Terri Knight of Hawaii said. “I went through a life situation as a single mother, broke, working two jobs, paying the bills – so anything I wanted to do for myself came secondary. When I heard what Dr. Golpa was willing to do for me, it was like this fantastic thing. I wondered, why would he do this?”

“Then I got to know him,” she said. “I haven’t ever met anyone else like him. He’s an artist at what he does and I have a beautiful smile. What he did for me changed my whole outlook and it’s affecting my life every day. ”

For Carolyn Alberts of Minnesota, it’s been a long road from a childhood where misshapen teeth and a bad bite made her a target of ridicule, on to adulthood and cycles of abuse stemming from feelings of unworthiness she couldn’t shake until she participated in W.I.N. For her, the incredible smile she now flashes is particularly meaningful – a symbolic restitution for past suffering.

“My smile is lovely, but that somebody was so generous to offer me something like this…it feels like a miracle,” Alberts said. “It feels like God offered me a form of tangible love through Dr. Golpa. I am a beautiful woman created by God, that’s instilled in me now – and when it was, then it came to me on the outside too.”

Golpa, who has an office in Las Vegas (, was drawn to W.I.N.’s mission of empowering women to recreate themselves as they were meant to be, not as others saw them. He started with donations entitling him to the privilege of doing small smile makeovers on Mrs. Globe contestants, but soon began to think of the women W.I.N. represents, women trying to discover and recognize their own true beauty. He knew that he could help.

“I started to think, why not help the women that have been abused?” Golpa said. “I really wanted to do something to help them with their self-confidence and self-esteem. A beautiful smile makes them look and feel better about themselves, and in many cases it takes a lot of years off their age. They love it.”

As it turns out, being a part of their transformation is something he loves too.

“It’s just the most amazing feeling,” Golpa said. “It makes me feel very happy to be able to help change somebody’s life, to really appreciate what my career skills can mean in a different way.”

Golpa credits Burbank Dental Laboratory, owned by Tony Sedler, for helping him bring a new attitude to women who could never have afforded the $18,000-50,000 price tag of complete, state-of-the-art smile makeover.

“They donate their time and materials, which is awesome,” Golpa said. “I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. And W.I.N. is such a great foundation. What they do is wonderful and I’m happy to be a small part of that.”

For the women who’ve benefited, there’s nothing small about the part their gorgeous new smiles play in everyday life, or the effect it has on others.  

“It feels so good to smile,” Dana Fewell, a W.I.N. smile makeover recipient from California, said. “Here’s this nice bright beautiful smile. People respond. It allows me to reflect the friendliness I feel and that makes other people feel good too. This was a gift, but it’s a gift that keeps on keeping on, and I am just so grateful.”

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