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Nothing makes a longer lasting first impression than a solid handshake and a radiant smile. When you want to make your smile the best it can be and leave lasting first impressions witht he people you meet, it is time to visit Dr. Mike Golpa, one of America's top cosmetic dentists.

A master of cosmetic dentistry with years of experience, Dr. Golpa is also an innovator of techniques, having created his very own "All On 4" dental implant process that has benefited many people looking for a beautiful new smile. When you want your smile to look its best and want the confidence that comes with knowing your smile looks its best, then Dr. Golpa is the dentist for you. Utilizing top quality materials and modern day techniques with the latest technology, Dr. Golpa sets the standard by which other cosmetic dentists are measured. Friendly and attentive, Dr. Golpa will help you achieve the smile of your dreams, finessing the smallest details to perfection, which is part of what gives Dr. Golpa the gold star status he has managed to achieve.

While a dentist is trained to know the required procedures, Dr. Golpa also knows the art of a beautiful smile. It's not just about making teeth shiny and white, and it's not just about filling gaps where teeth are missing or straightening out a crooked tooth. The art of cosmetic dentistry cannot be taught, it is part of the dentist's aesthetic sensibilities, and Dr. Golpa has learned that sensibility through his years of experience as a leading cosmetic dentist. Skilled hands produce masterful craftsmanship, and Dr. Golpa is a leader of the cosmetic dentist industry.

With offices in beautiful Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Dr. Golpa is ready to help you take the steps needed to give you the confidence to smile big and smile often. Let Dr. Golpa help you achieve your dreams of a beautiful smile. Call today to set up an appointment for consultation, or just to ask any questions you may have. Dr. Golpa and his staff of experts are happy to help!

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